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Our Purpose is to improve the quality of life in the Ashland Area.  This is accomplished through the promotion, encouragement, and support of education; the strengthening of the health and wellbeing of families and individuals; the beautification and preservation of nature; the preservation of history; and the promotion of recreational and cultural programs and activities.


Donors like to use the Ashland Community Foundation because it is flexible and convenient. We can assist donors in selecting the charitable tools that enhance a solid estate plan. The community also benefits from the community foundation retaining assets in the local area for the benefit of nonprofit organizations. Donate Now


• To create community awareness of the Ashland Community Foundation.

• To promote philanthropy and serve as a catalyst for local giving to local nonprofit agencies and organizations.

• To multiply the present and long-term impact of charitable donations in the community.

• To lead the way in improving and maintaining the quality of life for all community residents.

• To work with your trusted professional advisors to maximize your giving power to the community.

Ashland City Library  -- January 2021


      ACF awarded almost $15,000 grant to the Ashland City Library for the cost of materials and planting for their upcoming landscaping project. 

library 2021.jpg

Ashland 2020 Econ Dev. & Ashland Area Chamber  -- January 2021


      ACF awarded a $5000 grant to The Ashland 2020 Economic Development and Ashland Area Chamber.  These two entities joined together to research and update the current Ashland Chamber Website to make Ashland more inviting to people looking to relocate.   

 -- January 2021


   Sometimes the website designer doesn't have all the info when updating... This would be the case here. But let's be assured that money was granted to support the community and our ongoing endeavors.  More info to come... 

community garden 2021.jpg

Community Garden  -- January 2021


      ACF awarded a grant to Kalee Clemens to start a community Garden.  More info soon.

Clark County EMS  -- January 2021


      ACF awarded a $16,500 grant, along with an anonymous pass through donation of $30,000, to the Clark County EMS to help fund the replacement of 5 AEDs that are outdated & unserviceable. Other funds from the Clark County Sheriff & the CARES Act completed the $163,000 project. EDIT- The Southwest Community Foundation also helped to fund this project.

EMS 2020.jpg
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