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Walter B. Broadie Community Fund

     The Broadie family has been living in Ashland, Kansas since 1886 when Samuel F. Broadie, Walter Broadie’s grandfather, moved to Kansas from Indiana. 

    Walter grew up in Ashland receiving his education in the local schools and earned his livelihood throughout the years farming and ranching until his death in 2006.  In Walter’s eyes, there was no better place on earth to live and raise a family than in Ashland.  He was always deeply involved in the community and church activities.

     Walter wanted to give back to his community after death, as he had done in life.  Walter included the community in his will.   He knew that towns, like Ashland, needed more than local taxes for a small population to survive and thrive in today’s economy.

      Walter decided to leave a portion of his estate to the Ashland community. He left this contribution divided between his favorite interests; the city community fund, his church and the pioneer museum.  His decision to donate to the community resulted in helping his heirs receiving their inheritances tax free.

      His charitable nature serves as a true testimony for others who care for not only their immediate family, but for their extend community family as well.  As a result of his commitment, the Ashland Community Fund bears his name.


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