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Donors like to use the Ashland Community Foundation because it is flexible and convenient. We can assist donors in selecting the charitable tools that enhance a solid estate plan. The community also benefits from the community foundation retaining assets in the local area for the benefit of nonprofit organizations.


Donor Privileges

  • Donors can designate the charitable purpose(s) for which gifts are used or allow the Foundation to decide.

  • Donors can establish a fund in their own, a loved one's, friend's or organization's name.

  • Donors can contribute to funds, projects or organizations in large or small amounts.

  • Donors can leave a legacy to impact their community in perpetuity.

  • Donors can receive income, gift tax, capital gains tax and financial benefits from donations.


Ashland Community Foundation serves by:

  • Assisting donors in fulfilling their charitable goals

  • Building permanent endowment funds for charitable purposes

  • Meeting community needs through grants, awards and scholarships

  • Bringing the community together around community issues

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